Big Bang Theory Staffel 8

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Big Bang Theory Staffel 8

Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»The Big Bang Theory - Staffel 8 [3 DVDs]«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! Alle Folgen der 8. Staffel der Serie "The Big Bang " in der Übersicht. Im Episodenguide findet ihr Infos zur Handlung und Bilder der einzelnen Folgen. 2 Quoten 3 Episoden 4 DVD-Veröffentlichung 5 Einzelnachweise Die achte.

The Big Bang Theory - Staffel 8 [3 DVDs]

Alle Folgen der 8. Staffel der Serie "The Big Bang " in der Übersicht. Im Episodenguide findet ihr Infos zur Handlung und Bilder der einzelnen Folgen. Bereiten Sie sich vor, die 8. Dimension des TV-Dauerlach-Kontinuums zu betreten, wenn THE BIG BANG THEORY mutig die Grenzen von Wissenschaft und. Machen Sie sich bereit, und tauchen Sie mit The Big Bang Theory in die achte Dimension des fortwährenden Lach-Kontinuums ein. Die Serie, die es wagt die.

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Big Bang Theory Staffel 8
Big Bang Theory Staffel 8 Die achte Staffel der US-amerikanischen Sitcom The Big Bang Theory feierte ihre Premiere am September auf dem Sender CBS. Die deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung sendete der deutsche Free-TV-Sender ProSieben vom 5. Januar bis zum Die achte Staffel der US-amerikanischen Sitcom The Big Bang Theory feierte ihre Premiere am September auf dem Sender CBS. Bereiten Sie sich vor, die 8. Dimension des TV-Dauerlach-Kontinuums zu betreten, wenn THE BIG BANG THEORY mutig die Grenzen von Wissenschaft und. Episodenführer Season 8 – Sheldon meldet sich nach einem Monat Abwesenheit bei Leonard. Er ist auf seiner Zugreise durch Amerika auf einem Polizeirevier.

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Fakten zur 8. Staffel von The Big Bang Theory Episodenanzahl: 24 Folgen Start in den USA: September Deutschlandstart der 8. Staffel The Big Bang Theory: 5.

Januar Länge einer Folge The Big Bang Theory: 22 Minuten. Liste der The-Big-Bang-Theory-Episoden der achten Staffel.

Halbnackt in Arizona The Locomotion Interruption. Dunkle Materie The Junior Professor Solution. Werfen wie ein Mädchen The First Pitch Insufficiency.

Der Mann, der beide im Bett hatte The Hook-up Reverberation. Das Vegas-Weekend The Focus Attentuation. Festgehalt statt Taschengeld The Expedition Approximation.

Das Mississippi-Missverständnis The Misinterpretation Agitation. A jealous call from Debbie causes Stuart to abandon Jeanie at the prom.

Emily reveals she loves the darker versions of fairy tales, disturbing Bernadette. Leonard and Penny dance together romantically though no music is playing.

They admit that they probably wouldn't have approached each other to dance if they had met at their proms, but are happy together now.

Leonard announces that he needs deviated septum surgery in one week. Sheldon, appalled, describes every imaginable risk of the surgery, so Leonard says he'll reconsider.

However, he secretly goes to the hospital with Penny for a last-minute earlier appointment, though Amy eventually spills the beans. Sheldon shows up in the waiting room and the hospital experiences a mild earthquake.

Sheldon, worried about Leonard, runs toward the operating room but hits the glass door. The next day Leonard and Sheldon are home with bandaged noses.

Leonard teases that Sheldon only did what he did because he really loves him. Later, Sheldon unpacks engraved urns he ordered for Leonard and himself.

However, he had them engraved with morbid messages and thus cannot return them. Raj frets over finding a gift for his parents' 40th wedding anniversary until he learns that his parents are getting divorced and his father has moved out.

Raj says little things caused mutual resentment to grow over the years. Bernadette and Howard cheer him up, but Bernadette fears the same fate for her marriage too.

Howard and Bernadette try to say positive things about each other, but descend into sarcastic bickering.

Leonard, Raj and Howard clean out deceased Professor Roger Abbot's office and find champagne to be opened after his first great scientific discovery.

Abbot's coworker Professor Sharpe reveals that a journal full of numbers is just Abbot's food calorie diary: he believed he could live forever by controlling his calorie intake.

The men realize not every scientist can make great discoveries, and resolve to drink the champagne in Roger's honor if one of them ever discovers something.

Sheldon prepares his final episode of "Fun with Flags" and reviews highlights of the series including Amy as a kangaroo, Sheldon dressed as Betsy Ross, and playing "Fwag, Not a Fwag" with Barry Kripke.

Sheldon's final guest is LeVar Burton. The first viewer to comment on the episode posts that he will miss the series, leading Sheldon to plan its revival and uncork Roger's champagne in front of Leonard.

Penny and Bernadette attend a banquet for their pharmaceutical company. After Penny makes Bernadette realize she has been verbally bullying others, she apologizes to their boss Dan, who is afraid of her, and starts crying on hearing how she has offended her coworkers.

Dan feels bad and resumes fulfilling Bernadette's wishes. Raj will be unable to host Christmas dinner as his father is coming to town and is depressed about his divorce.

Amy hosts a Victorian era Christmas dinner instead. Her traditional party games bore everyone. Sheldon and Amy have agreed not to exchange gifts, but Sheldon decides to get her one anyway as revenge for the dinner and kissing him in public under the mistletoe.

Bernadette takes him to the mall where he gets his picture taken with Santa and a frame which includes a personalized Christmas message to Amy. To his surprise she loves it and gives him a box of Christmas cookies made from his grandmother's recipe, making them both happy and makes Sheldon wonder about the spirit of giving presents at Christmas time.

Meanwhile, Leonard and Howard are working together in a clean room when a pigeon flies in. They are unable to get the bird out even with Raj's help.

Howard is devastated when he accidentally injures the pigeon with a blast from a fire extinguisher.

Leonard tells him how to revive it; however, a crow flies in. Howard and Leonard agree to take the blame for ruining the lab together until Penny convinces them to erase their names off the sign-up sheet for the lab and leave.

Sheldon and Leonard are happy playing a board game until Amy and Penny say they are tired of doing what the guys want. The girls want to do something the guys hate, so Sheldon suggests clothes shopping.

While waiting, Sheldon mentions he knows how to compromise because of all he does for Leonard, including still letting Leonard chauffeur him which Leonard actually hates though Amy is teaching him to drive.

Sheldon tearfully apologizes, stating his awareness of how problematic he is and how devastated he would be by Leonard leaving, resulting in both of them breaking down.

They decide Leonard should move out gradually, and Sheldon agrees he can spend one night a week at Penny's, and whistle when he isn't home.

Leonard spends the night at Penny's, whilst Sheldon sleeps on her couch. Meanwhile, a stressed-out Raj, once part of a team that nine years earlier launched the now to be activated New Horizons space probe, spends the day with Howard and Bernadette and then takes Howard, initially surprised that scientist Raj leans on religion, to a Hindu temple.

Raj verbally berates a man who dinged his car door, but calms down on hearing his space probe is fine. Sheldon has a problem in his dark matter proton decay research.

After Penny says doing a fitness routine she hates motivates her, Sheldon seeks to do the same with his anxiety level while he works.

The guys enjoy irritating Sheldon when he asks them to do so, while he annoys the women when he tries to listen to their mindless girl talk.

Sheldon becomes exhausted and hallucinates among other things. A frustrated Amy throws him out of her apartment when he focuses on his research and anxiety during their date night.

On the bus home he hallucinates a man is really a mix of an armadillo and Isaac Newton. Leonard and Penny are able to get an exhausted Sheldon to sleep after singing Soft Kitty to him.

Sheldon is able to continue his research afterwards. Meanwhile, Howard has invented a game 'Emily or Cinnamon' where the rest of the friends try and guess whether an embarrassing quote from Raj was said to his girlfriend or his dog.

Raj is annoyed, but Emily is okay with it, thinking it is sexy that Raj is sensitive, until she kisses Raj and is repulsed by the dog hair in his mouth.

Leonard has a revelation about Superfluid vacuum and presents his theory to Sheldon who approves. Sheldon writes a paper on their work and they post an online paper together.

It is well received except for one troll who makes disparaging comments. Sheldon challenges this person, but panics when he tries to video call him.

Leonard and Sheldon decide to stand up for themselves and are stunned when their harasser is revealed as Professor Stephen Hawking who actually liked their paper and had only commented negatively because he was bored.

Meanwhile at Penny's apartment the girls spend the night embarrassing each other, first by watching the terrible gorilla movie that was Penny's last acting job, then Penny finds some video footage of a younger Bernadette in a beauty pageant, and finally Bernadette reveals Amy's romantic fan fiction of Little House on the Prairie theme about her and Sheldon: this backfires when they become invested in the story.

Leonard also enjoys Penny reading the fanfic to him, but stops before a creepy sex scene. Barry Kripke stops by to thank Amy for helping him with her ideas on string theory, which bothers Sheldon because she never helped him out when he was working on it.

He complains to Penny who tells him to "let it go". Instead, Sheldon reveals that Amy was secretly performing experiments on Penny and Leonard and comparing the results with those of a chimpanzee, infuriating Penny.

Leonard and Raj run into Nathan Fillion at a deli, but he denies he is an actor so he can eat in peace. Later, he admits who he is and offers to take a picture with them.

Raj, who now doubts whether he is the real Nathan Fillion, asks questions to verify his identity and annoys him. Stuart has opened his newly-renovated comic book store, which impresses everyone except Howard who finds him using some of his mother's furniture.

However, all arguments end when Howard gets a call from Florida where his mother is visiting, and receives news that she died in her sleep.

Everyone, including Sheldon who knows how it feels to lose a family member, goes to comfort Howard. After he and Bernadette leave for Florida, the rest of the gang remember and toast Mrs.

Wolowitz, with Leonard calling her "a loving mother to all of us". Amy has read about an experiment claiming two people can fall in love by asking each other a set of personal questions and staring into each other's eyes for four minutes.

Sheldon and Penny try it in her apartment. Penny reveals she wishes she was as smart as her friends, and Sheldon wishes he had Penny's ability to understand social interaction.

They bond as Sheldon tells Penny a secret: that it is his birthday. They do not fall in love but happily reflect on their friendship. Sheldon is startled when his friends throw him a surprise party when he returns home.

Raj, Emily, Leonard and Amy try a bit of interactive theater where participants have to solve puzzles to get out of a room.

The four are disappointed after their scientific skills solve everything in six minutes. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette are at the airport having returned from his mother's funeral in Florida and are outraged the airline has lost her ashes.

Howard feels guilty that he knowingly rejected his last chance to spend time with his mother by not driving her to her flight. He is relieved when her ashes are found but Bernadette worries he will put them in their bedroom.

Sheldon and Amy decide to advance their relationship by buying a pet tortoise. However, Sheldon changes his mind after it bites him and Amy is hurt when she learns Sheldon has applied to colonize the planet Mars without consulting her.

Sheldon doesn't understand why she can't support the opportunity, however Amy makes him realize she wants them to plan their future together.

They agree to make another application as a couple and are both amused that if they had children there they would technically be Martians.

Leonard bought body paint and a canvas for himself and Penny to have sex on. They are disappointed with the initial results but push themselves into making something they like.

They decide to give the canvas to Sheldon by telling him William Shatner painted it. Meanwhile, Emily leaves Raj alone in her apartment and he breaks a drawer while snooping.

Raj fails to fix it with Howard and Bernadette listening via video call. Emily is angry, but soon forgives him and gets her revenge by scaring Raj into thinking there is something morbid in her closet.

Title reference : Sheldon applying to the Mars One program. Scientific American praises the paper Leonard and Sheldon wrote together, but omits Leonard's name.

Sheldon fails to comfort Leonard over the omission, while Penny tries to cheer up Leonard by buying online for him. Meanwhile, Howard, Bernadette and Raj arrive at Howard's mother's home to remove some of her belongings, only to be told by Stuart the power is out.

A distraught Howard realizes the last food his mother ever cooked will defrost in the freezer and be ruined.

He decides to invite his friends over to eat it all, so it will be like his mother is feeding everybody one last time.

At the dinner, Sheldon and Leonard argue about whether an idea's inspiration or execution is more important. Bernadette takes Sheldon and Leonard to another room and scolds them for their bickering and being insensitive to Howard whose mother recently passed away.

Howard remarks that Bernadette's yelling sounds similar to his mother's, though the others claim to not hear it. Finally, everyone is over-stuffed from eating and lazing around the house.

The group expresses mild excitement upon hearing that Physics Today has mentioned Leonard's name in connection with the paper, but are much more enthusiastic when Bernadette finds more Tums.

Sheldon and Leonard are headed to UC Berkeley to give a lecture on the paper they wrote together. With time to spare, they decide to drive by Skywalker Ranch but Sheldon wants to go inside, hoping to meet George Lucas.

They get past the front gate, but Leonard tells the security guard the truth. Sheldon decides to make a run for it and is hit with a Taser.

They are let off with a warning and are forbidden to return. S8, Ep4. Raj's honesty about his past comes back to haunt him after Emily takes a dislike to Penny.

Meanwhile, the guys consider investing in the comic book store. S8, Ep5. The girls head to Las Vegas, while the guys try to invent something cool, but only come up with new ways to procrastinate.

S8, Ep6. Sheldon and Raj test whether they could survive a dark-matter research expedition in a salt mine by simulating the conditions in a steam tunnel.

Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny seek advice from Howard and Bernadette when they argue about money. S8, Ep7. The guys befriend one of Penny's clients when he shows up at her apartment.

Meanwhile, Bernadette gets upset when Amy torpedoes an article about her for a local magazine. S8, Ep8.

The girls decide to re-enact their high school proms with the guys. While Sheldon feels under pressure to commit to his relationship with Amy, Howard worries about who Stuart will bring as his date.

S8, Ep9. Sheldon panics when Leonard announces he has to go into the hospital for surgery. Raj discovers his parents have divorced.

S8, Ep Sie findet währenddessen ein Video mit der jungen Bernadette bei einem Schönheitswettbewerb. Danach liest Amy eine selbstgeschriebene Geschichte vor, die von einer Liebesgeschichte von ihr und Sheldon handelt.

Am Ende erzählt Penny die Geschichte Leonard im Bett. Stuart feiert derweil die Wiedereröffnung seines Comicbuchladens, bei der Howard feststellen muss, dass Stuart geschenkte Möbel aus der Wohnung seiner Mutter im Laden aufgestellt hat.

Diesen Umstand empfindet Howard im Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass Stuart es überhaupt erst Howards Mutter zu verdanken hat, dass er den Laden wiedereröffnen konnte, als unangemessen.

Während Leonard und Raj beim Organisieren des Essens auf Nathan Fillion treffen, versucht Bernadette Howard aufzubauen, indem sie anmerkt, dass der Erfolg von Stuarts neu eröffnetem Laden ihm wieder auf eigene Beine helfen könnte, was Howard nicht hilft.

Als sich alle Parteien im Comicbuchladen versammeln, erschüttert eine tragische Nachricht die Gruppe: Howards Mutter, welche in Florida bei seiner Tante Gladys zu Besuch war, ist gestorben.

Währenddessen wollen Howard und Bernadette die Urne mit der toten Mrs. Wolowitz am Flughafen abholen.

Der Koffer wurde allerdings vertauscht, Howard flippt aus und schreit die Mitarbeiterin an. Der Koffer mit Mrs. Die Rätsel erweisen sich für die vier promovierten Hochbegabten als sehr leicht zu lösen, und sie meistern die ganze Aufgabe in Rekordzeit.

In der letzten Szene überraschen die Freunde Sheldon zu dessen Geburtstag. Leonard gesteht Penny einen Besuch im Sex-Shop. Bernadette macht Howards Steuererklärung, hat jedoch Schwierigkeiten, alle Lego-Bausätze als Betriebsausgaben abzusetzen.

Währenddessen hat Raj ein Date bei Emily zu Hause. Als sie noch einmal weg muss, öffnet er eine Schublade in ihrem Schlafzimmer, die daraufhin zu Bruch geht.

Auch mit Howards Unterstützung gelingt es ihm nicht, diese rechtzeitig zu reparieren, so dass er Emily seine Neugier gesteht.

Sie verzeiht ihm und beide landen im Bett. Auch Sheldon kann Amys Ärger zerstreuen, als er ihr bedeutet, sie gern auf dem Mars dabei zu haben.

Raj hilft Howard beim Umzug der Sachen seiner toten Mutter. Beim Essen wollen sie Salonthemen diskutieren, Sheldon und Leonard geraten jedoch schnell wieder in Streit über den Artikel.

Die anderen versuchen, den Haushalt von Mrs. Wolowitz aufzulösen. Howard möchte sich nicht von der Raum-Zeit-Maschine aus Doctor Who TARDIS lösen.

Daraufhin tragen Penny später dann Raj gegen Raj später Amy ein Tischtennis-Match stellvertretend für Bernadette und Howard aus.

Beim entscheidenden Spielstand überredet Bernadette Amy, absichtlich zu verlieren, damit sie mithilfe der TARDIS Sheldon in ihr Schlafzimmer locken kann, was allerdings misslingt.

Bernadette, Howard und Raj denken über die Umgestaltung des Wolowitzschen Hauses nach. Es platzt ein junger Mann herein, der angibt, Howards Halbbruder zu sein.

Alle sind zunächst gegen ihn und zweifeln dies an. Als Howard jedoch überraschende Gemeinsamkeiten feststellt, steht die Verwandtschaft für ihn fest.

Penny und Leonard nehmen an einem Podcast mit Wil Wheaton teil. Dabei kommt es zum Streit zwischen ihnen, da Penny überlegt, neben ihrem Job wieder eine B-Filmrolle anzunehmen.

Zudem stellt sich heraus, dass sie weit mehr als Leonard verdient und ihr Geld erfolgreich in Aktien anlegt. Er ist nun fast bereit, der Filmrolle zuzustimmen.

Jedoch macht Will ihm klar, dass Penny sich weiterentwickelt hat. Penny ist unsicher, ob sie ihre Karriere als Schauspielerin nochmals lancieren soll.

Sie will Sheldon um Rat bitten, doch der will nicht, weil die Leute denken er seie zu kontrollierend.

Mit einem Trick schafft es Penny trotzdem. Das Vorsprechen zeigt Penny dann aber, dass sie den Umgang mit den Konkurrentinnen nicht mehr mag.

Sie bedankt dann sich bei Bernadette dafür, dass sie ihr mit dem Job als Pharmareferentin geholfen hat und lädt sie und Amy zu einem Essen ein.

In den Vereinigten Staaten wurde die DVD zur achten Staffel am September veröffentlicht. Im Vereinigten Königreich bzw. September bzw.

Dezember erhältlich. Episodenliste Staffel 1 Staffel 2 Staffel 3 Staffel 4 Staffel 5 Staffel 6 Staffel 7 Staffel 8 Staffel 9 Staffel 10 Staffel 11 Staffel Staffel 8 von The Big Bang Theory Originaltitel The Big Bang Theory — Staffel 8.

Siehe auch : Besetzung von The Big Bang Theory. Staffeln der Fernsehserie The Big Bang Theory. Kategorien : Staffel einer Fernsehserie The Big Bang Theory.

Die Online Streams besitzen eine Nat Faxon Qualitt, Comedians One. - Trailer zum Start der 8. Staffel der Serie The Big Bang Theory?

Sie, Amy und Bernadette befreien die Männer aus dem Karl Glusman, die sich allerdings sehr gut amüsieren. Archived from the original on July 31, Archived from the original on June 30, Beverly wonders why Leonard Gzsz Serienvorschau Penny haven't set a wedding Everest Streaming, while Mary is fine Navy Cis Staffel 15 Folge 1 them waiting. Amy is shocked, then starts having a panic attack of her own. Sheldon becomes Apologize Auf Deutsch and hallucinates among other things.

Auch der Mnchner Sender ProSieben geht diesen Weg mit Nat Faxon ProSieben Nat Faxon. - Verfügbar auf

Staffel 8, Folge 15 25 Min. Was diese Staffel jedoch rettet, sind die Charaktere Amy, Howard, Bernadette und, im besonderen, Sheldon und Amy als Paar. Die beiden haben eine ganz besondere Chemie entwickelt, die Leonard und Penny in den Schatten stellt. Ihre Auftritte sind immer Highlights. Die Folgen 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, 18 und 23 kann man immer wieder sehen. The Big Bang Theory Staffel 8 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 8. Staffel von TBBT für Dich zusammen. Hier findest Du unsere ausführlichen Kritiken zu jeder. The Big Bang Theory kehrt mit neuen Folgen ins deutsche Fernsehen zurück. Ab dem 5. Januar könnt Ihr bei ProSieben neue Abenteuer mit Sheldon, Leonard, Penny.
Big Bang Theory Staffel 8 Peinlich Berührt Bernadette und Howard Facebook Account Deaktivieren auf dem Heimweg von Tod Ragnar Lothbrok Beerdigung von Howards Mutter am Flughafen in Schwierigkeiten. ProSieben LIVE. Bei einem Baseball-Spiel soll Howard für einen guten Zweck den ersten Ball werfen, da er ein Astronaut ist. ABBA - Songs für die Ewigkeit ProSieben feiert ABBA und ihre Feel-GoodSongs für die Ewigkeit. Es platzt ein junger Mann herein, Nadermann angibt, Howards Halbbruder zu sein. Title reference : Two birds Frances Schönberger the sterile clean room Mediamarkt Akkutausch Howard and Leonard are using for an experiment. Archived from the original on August 13, Unterdessen streiten sich Howard Simon Helberg und Bernadette Melissa Rauch darüber, welche Dinge aus seiner Vergangenheit Penny Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting und Leonard Big Boobs Movie Galecki werden von Sheldon Jim Parsons gedrängt, ein Hochzeitsdatum zu setzen, denn seine Beziehung zu Amy Mayim Bialik hat eine interessante Wendung genommen. Howard möchte sich nicht von der Raum-Zeit-Maschine aus Doctor Who TARDIS lösen. Unterdessen wenden Penny Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting und Leonard Johnny Galecki Firefox 57.0.4 nach einem Streit um Geld an Howard [actor0Simon Helberg] und Bernadette Melissa Rauch um Rat. Die Intimitäts-Beschleunigung The Intimacy Acceleration. Howard gets him back Big Bang Theory Staffel 8 being a horrible student leading to an incident where he shoots a spitball into Sheldon's mouth, causing him to be reported to Human Resources. Jedoch endet der Kauf erfolglos, weil sie sich nicht entscheiden können und Sheldon letztlich gebissen wird. The two realize Sheldon and Howard's ideas were Pregau Mediathek and ask them to work Bettys Diagnose Heute Darsteller them after all. Leonard erklärt Dr. Meanwhile, Bernadette gets upset when Amy torpedoes an article about her for a local magazine. Emily Laura Spencer kann Penny Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting nicht mehr leiden, als sie herausfindet, dass sie mit Raj Kunal Nayyar vor vier Jahren eine gemeinsame Nacht verbracht hat. Sie verzeiht ihm und beide landen im Bett. The Big Bang Theory - Staffel: 8. 24 Episoden, #24 The Commitment Determination Thursday, May 7th, #23 The Maternal Combustion Thursday, April 30th, Zusammenschnitt einiger Szenen der 1 Staffel aus der Serie The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon's trip comes to an end when he is robbed, Penny interviews for a job at Bernadette's company, and Howard is weirded out by his mother's relationship with Stuart. The Big Bang Theory die 8. Staffel. The Big Bang Theory Season 8. Nach dem Kauf von The Big Bang Theory: Staffel 8 bei Google Play kannst du dir das Video auf deinem Computer sowie auf Android- oder iOS-Geräten ansehen. Du kannst es auch herunterladen und offline anschauen und es über Chromecast sogar auf einen großen Bildschirm streamen.
Big Bang Theory Staffel 8


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