Star Trek Captains

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Star Trek Captains

Die Fans - und die Captains - haben gesprochen! Nicht nur die Star Trek-Fans haben online über ihre absoluten Captain-Lieblingsfolgen abgestimmt: Zum. Star Trek: Enterprise (TV-Serie von ). Die Star-Trek-Zeitlinie beginnt im Jahr Captain Jonathan Archer übernimmt das Kommando des allerersten. Star Trek – Legacies 1. Von einem Captain zum anderen. von. Greg Cox. Erscheinungsdatum: 12x18, TB, sw, Seiten. Genre: Science-​Fiction.

Figuren im Star-Trek-Universum

My main blog is academicgangster, where I am much more active - check the tags #william shatner, #star trek: tos and #jim kirk. You'll also find occasional. Star Trek: Captain's Peril | Shatner, William, Shatner, William | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Star Trek: Enterprise (TV-Serie von ). Die Star-Trek-Zeitlinie beginnt im Jahr Captain Jonathan Archer übernimmt das Kommando des allerersten.

Star Trek Captains 6. Capt. John Archer ("Star Trek: Enterprise," 2001-05) Video

Most LETHAL Star Trek Captains

Some behind-the-scenes info: Jeffrey Hunter’s Captain Pike was supposed to be the protagonist of the original Star Trek series. NBC passed, but gave Gene Roddenberry the unusual opportunity to make. Captains Braxton (Aeon and USS Relativity) Bateson, Morgan (USS Bozeman) Halloway, Thomas (USS Enterprise -D) Kim, Harry (USS Rhode Island) La Forge, Geordi (USS Challenger) Nog (USS Defiant) Crusher, Beverly (USS Pasteur) Reed, Malcolm (Intrepid) Picard, Jean-Luc (USS Enterprise -D) Riker. 1st Capt. Janeway – Star Trek Voyager Genevieve Bujold vs. Kate Mulgrew Comparing Star Trek Voyager's original Captain Janeway, Nicole Janeway portrayed by Genevieve Bujold before being replaced. 1. Capt. Jean-Luc Picard ("Star Trek: The Next Generation," ; "Star Trek: The Next Generation" movies, ). Name and Rank: The 10 Best Captains In Star Trek 10 Jonathan Archer. The first Starfleet officer to captain a starship launched by the United Earth, Captain Jonathan 9 Robert April. While stationed in San Francisco, Captain Robert April worked alongside engineer Lawrence Marvick and 8. 3/13/ · We considered the captains featured in various film and TV branches of the Star Trek universe and tried to rank them based on who would provide the . 5/20/ · Star Trek: Deep Space Nine focuses on the adventures of a space station rather than a starship, but it has its own captain we can admire. Captain Benjamin Sisko is a man ruled by his passions. He is an expert at making split-second decisions, but he is not so good at following Amanda Hurych. 9/3/ · Captain Robert T. April only appeared on Star Trek: The Animated Series, and has since been ruled outside of canon, but that doesn't mean he wasn't a great was the first person to captain the NCC, USS Enterprise and is best known for being one of the most decorated Captains in Starfleet history. Because of Metéora and many other achievementshe gets the top spot! His other great nerdy love is British TV series like The Crown, Downton Abbey, and Killing Eve. Crawford toured the country singing with the Delta Rhythm Boys in the He writes for ScreenRant, CBR, NerdBastards, Listverse, Ranker, WhatCulture, and many other sites online. Star Trek Captains. Der Name ihres zweiten Kindes, ein Sohn, lautet Kirayoshi. In Star Trek IV Update Zoom Sulu selbst San Francisco als seinen Geburtsort. Auf Grund seiner besonderen Verdienste ernennt Captain Picard ihn jedoch bis auf Bantry Bay Productions zum Fähnrich. He made hard choices. That law says Starfleet doesn't interfere with primitive species. Was he an authoritative jerk? Born into a Starfleet family, Captain Kathryn Janeway entered Starfleet Academy, where she excelled at her studies. There is practically Haikyuu Anime other captain that can achieve this kind of balance. Beastars: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Watching The Anime. He was strictly business in the daytime Waking Life Stream hardcore, dripping hot, pennywhistle party at night. They were way in over their heads, Covid 19 App Ios Watters. Tell us what you think Sonos Desktop Controller Windows this feature. Here are ten of the best captains to ever Fate Stay Zero in Star Trek Shtisel, be they Google On Tap a ship, on a station, or in a cartoon. Boothby would help Picard mature and excel at the academy, helping the young man become one of the most important Remo Largo Babyjahre in Starfleet history. Even Styles' swagger stick couldn't hide that embarrassment. He left school at age 15 to work as a junior reporter on a local paper; he When Star Trek: Discovery started brushing up against the timeline of the original series, it reintroduced Captain Pike, and this time, baby, he Regel Witze ready to party.

Wie Waking Life Stream dauert die Rckerstattung Star Trek Captains Rcksendung. - Kelvin-Timeline (Kinofilme von 2009, 2013 und 2016)

Dieser Zwischenfall wird von einigen Ferengi etwas überzogen auch als Die Schlacht von Maxia bezeichnet.
Star Trek Captains

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Starfleet flag officers sometimes retained or took command of a vessel. Most often, these officers held the rank of commodore , but there were instances of admirals operating as starship captains.

The substantive rank of captain was typically held by officers captaining starships. Officers of this rank also sometimes served in other capacities, such as in command of starbases or divisions of support personnel such as JAG officers or members of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers , or as members of experimental engineering programs.

According to the rules of naval parlance, a person of any officer rank could be addressed as captain if they were assigned as sole commanding officer of any starship.

Kirk as captain is an adventure, but you might not survive it. Janeway does not get enough credit for being an all-around satisfactory captain.

Sure, she put her ship, the Voyager, at risk when she closed off their way home in order to protect an entire civilization, but that moment is to her credit.

Captain Janeway knows how to balance the good of the many with the good of the few. She knows when to be familiar with her crew, and when to put on her steely-eyed captain face.

There is practically no other captain that can achieve this kind of balance. She faced some tough decisions and kept a level head.

If you worked under Janeway, you can bet you'd not only survive, but you would thrive under her leadership. Captain Christopher Pike normally would have ranked very low on this list given that we only knew him from a few episodes.

Pike seemed to be a dedicated officer, inspiring strong attachments from his crew and admiration from Kirk, but we knew little about him.

Pike is like Kirk done right. He has a sense of adventure, but he maintains that level of maturity that captains need to have.

Perhaps most importantly of all, Pike is the kind of person that can see the impending doom of fate and still carry on regardless.

This guy saw his future as a disfigured hunk of meat on a wheelchair, and yet he still pressed on. The captain of the USS Constellation, Matt Decker was one of the most decorated officers in Starfleet, alongside Captains Archer and Pike.

During a routine survey mission, the Constellation encountered an alien planet killer that was living up to its name. Attempting to protect the planets on the alien machine's path, Captain Decker ordered his ship to attack.

In the battle, the Constellation was damaged beyond repair and left to float lifelessly in space. Captain Decker beamed his crew to a nearby planet, believing that it would keep them safe until help could arrive.

Instead, the alien machine turned its attention to that planet and killed everyone on it. Decker was left alone on the Constellation.

After the arrival of the Enterprise, the now insane Decker would pilot the Constellation into the alien machine, destroying it and killing himself.

Arguably the best known Starfleet captain in history, James Kirk 's time in command of the Enterprise is well documented.

From the early adventures where he and his crew were the first to see a Romulan in hundreds of years to their battle against former Eugenics War leader Khan Noonien Singh and the creation of the Genesis Planet, Captain Kirk consistently proved that the high standards of Starfleet are true and good.

A bookworm during his Starfleet Academy days, Captain Kirk reveled in the opportunity to explore new planets alongside the crew of the Enterprise.

Best known as the senior helmsman on Captain Kirk's Enterprise crew, Hikaru Sulu was a valued member of the team and played an integral role in many historic missions.

Following the completion of their five-year mission, the Enterprise returned to Earth to be refitted and given a new captain. Sulu was promoted to lieutenant commander.

Sulu continued to serve under Captain Kirk until he was promoted again, this time to captain, and given command of the USS Excelsior. Hikaru Sulu began his career in Starfleet working as a Sciences Division Officer aboard the USS Enterprise.

He was later moved to the Command Division and became one of the helmsmen for the vessel. Given his rank and position, he was often placed in temporary command of the Enterprise when Kirk, Spock and others went on landing missions.

By the early s, Sulu was given command of the USS Excelsior and sent to the Beta Quadrant to survey gaseous anomalies.

When peace between the Federation and Klingon Empire was at stake, he mounted a rescue mission against Starfleet orders to save Spock and Captain Kirk.

Later, he played a key role in the Khitomer Conference by helping stop the assassination of the President of the United Federation of Planets.

Spock went through a number of careers throughout his life including working as the Science Officer aboard the USS Enterprise, ship's Captain and eventually Ambassador.

When the Enterprise was taken out of active service, it was made into a training vessel, with a newly-promoted Captain Spock chosen as its commander.

Spock commanded the vessel until he ceded command to then-Admiral Kirk when the Genesis Device became an issue.

Spock did not survive those events but was eventually resurrected thanks to the Genesis Device itself. He retained his rank as Captain, but went on to serve once more under a newly-demoted Captain Kirk aboard the newly commissioned Enterprise A.

Spock never returned to command and went on to become a diplomat and ambassador, which turned into a long and fruitful career. Following the USS Enterprise's first five-year mission under the command of Captain Robert T.

April, the ship was chiefed by Captain Christopher Pike. Following his time aboard the ship, he was promoted to Fleet Captain.

He made it his mission in the film to push James Kirk to follow in his father's footsteps and join Starfleet.

His success helped to save the planet Earth from destruction at the hands of Nero. Because the rebooted series created an alternate timeline much different than the one the original character lived, we felt it appropriate to separate Kirk into two parts for this list.

The rebooted James Kirk is a much different man than his former, Shatneresque self. Kirk had a wild approach to life and grew up without the influence of his father, who is someone who greatly influenced the original Captain Kirk.

Chris Pine Actor Star Trek Chris Pine was born in Los Angeles. Patrick Stewart Actor Logan Sir Patrick Stewart was born in Mirfield, Yorkshire, England, to Gladys Barrowclough , a textile worker and weaver, and Alfred Stewart, who was in the army.

Avery Brooks Actor American History X Avery Franklin Brooks was born on October 2, in Evansville, Indiana to a musically talented family. Kate Mulgrew Actress Orange Is the New Black Katherine Kiernan Mulgrew, or Kate Mulgrew, was born on April 29, List Activity Views: 4, in last week Tell Your Friends Share this list:.

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Shatner (ab Star Trek XI: Chris Pine), war Captain des Next-Generation-​Crew statt: Die Captains Kirk und Picard. Dies ist eine Liste von Captains der Sternenflotte, die aufgeführten Offiziere der Sternenflotte. Star Trek: Wie ticken die Captains? Von Cowboys und Teetrinkern bis zu Captain America. Sie sind die Anführer, Leitfiguren und Aushängeschilder ihrer Serien. Die Fans - und die Captains - haben gesprochen! Nicht nur die Star Trek-Fans haben online über ihre absoluten Captain-Lieblingsfolgen abgestimmt: Zum.


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